Social practice


“On June 22, 2014, a very special workshop took place at the Mazarrón Day Center, organized by ASPADEM, and the collaboration of the artist Emilio Vieites.
The use of drawing or painting as a therapeutic instrument of personal expression based on the book «Learning to Draw With The Right Side of the Brain» by Dr. in Art Betty Edwards marks the first guidelines of this workshop, which aims to be an exercise in freedom , without academic ties and promulgating creative resolution and social interaction as a learning method.
At the forefront of current art, artistic projects are balanced around plastic solutions that resemble natural spaces or forms, in a marked symbiosis between human beings and their original space. There is a need to express a space of freedom for man, in a time of change where the figure of the human being has blurred into a technified world of commercial transactions ”…

Painting workshop students and Aspadem members

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January 2019
“The conference ‘Being young in the digital age: a challenge for the prevention of addictions’, organized by Proyecto Hombre Murcia (free entry, prior registration at, started yesterday in the Foundation’s Classroom of Culture Mediterranean box in Murcia.
The painter Emilio Vieites gave the conference ‘The artistic experience as a factor of prevention’ in a day in which the painting exhibition ‘A blank canvas’ was inaugurated, made by 12 users of Proyecto Hombre and curated by Vieites -which has ceded three works-, the result of a workshop held in 2017. The objective is to raise funds for the organization ”..

President, FADE Volunteers and management team of the Santa Lucia hospital in Cartagena
Emilio Vieites and the director Reyes of the Project Therapy Center Man.



January 2019
“The painting ‘Genesis’, made by cancer patients, family members, volunteers and staff of the Santa Lucia Hospital as an expression of the fight against the disease, already hangs on one of the walls of the Oncohematology Unit of that hospital. This is a work resulting from one of the workshops that the FADE Foundation has carried out this year, within its project ‘Secunda Smile’. It has been created under the artistic direction of the Cartagena painter Emilio Vieites. Next to the painting, an oil on canvas, there is also a plaque with the poem ‘Water, source of life’, an unpublished work with which the Cartagena poet María Teresa Cervantes wanted to join this project, a pioneer in the Region ”.